is a javascript web application on nodejs. It uses diffents transports methods depending on the browser.

I use it on 2 purposes:

– make browser client refresh some ressources when there are a change: a news section for example.

– alert when there are simultaneous change of a ressource: a change on a planning (

I have 2 projects using this technology:

– a dashboard with live status from different server: uptime values will refresh live

– a magento extension with live update

Native allow javascript to send message but you can find libraries in different langages. As my backend is in PHP, I use the PHP library

Recently, I was blocked by a strange bug: “This server do not support websocket protocol. Terminating connection…”

As my server is just installed, I though it was a version issue but it was easier:

ElephantIO Client has a function to check the server, function named handshake. This function will check http://yourserver:yourport/ and expect a response like “at9Huwk8khVAa5-flPVZ:60:60:websocket,htmlfile,xhr-polling,jsonp-polling”. It shows the list of supported protocol: websocket is present.

So I check the url use by the library and I had “http://yourserver:yourport//”, with an extra slash. The result page is quite different and show only “Welcome to”. That’s why I got the error: not because server didn’t support websocket but just because url was wrong.

At the end, your code should be: